Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick

Helping children and young people live their healthiest lives possible.

In 2018 a total of 155,089 children were cared for across the Network’s Westmead and Randwick campuses, including:

  • – Almost 50,000 inpatient admissions
  • – More than 95,000 Emergency Department presentations
  • – Around one million outpatient service visits

The formation of the Network in 2010 was a significant milestone for paediatric services in NSW. The Network’s leadership group has established a solid corporate and strategic platform to enhance clinical care, further groundbreaking research, invest in education and training of the health workforce and advocate for a healthy future for children in NSW and beyond.

Our team, more than 5,000 staff across the Network, is committed to providing world-class paediatric health care in a family-focused, healing environment. Sick children have access to the best facilities, with speciality care available for children with conditions such as cancer, heart problems, severe burns, HIV/AIDS and children needing organ, bone marrow or cord blood transplants.

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network has adopted the following purpose, mission and values to guide us in providing the best care for sick children and their families.


Helping children and young people live their healthiest lives possible.


Working in partnership to improve the health and wellbeing of children through clinical care, research, education and advocacy


Collaboration, Openness, Respect, Empowerment

The Network’s legal name is The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (Randwick and Westmead) (incorporating the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children)

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